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What is Investment? – Licensed Moneylender Singa Credit

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What is Investment?

Invest means to allot money (or could be some other resource, like time) in order to get some benefit from it in upcoming time.

What is an Asset?

In finance an asset is called an economic resource. Anything tangible or in tangible which is available to be owned or controlled to create value and that is hold to get positive economic value is measured an asset. In simple words, assets define the value of ownership that could be changed into cash (however cash on its own is measured as an asset).

The balance sheet of a company records the monetary price of the assets under possession of the firm. It is money and various valuables belonging to business or an individual. Two main asset types:

  • Tangible assets
  • Intangible assets

Tangible assets

Tangible assets consist of different subclasses, such as fixed assets and current assets. Fixed assets consist of equipment and buildings.

Intangible assets

Intangible assets are nonphysical rights and resources that have a value to the company because they provide the firm some type of benefit in the market place. Intangible assets include copyrights, computer programs, goodwill, patent and trademarks and financial assets like bonds, accounts receivable and stocks.

What is a Return?

In finance, the anticipated future asset from investment is known as a return. The return (to investment) might include of capital gain or/and investment earning, which includes interest, dividends, rental earning. The economic return is the correctly discounted value of the returns (to investment) in upcoming time.

Investment commonly ends up in getting an asset, also known as investment. If an asset is present at a value worth putting in money, it is generally thought to produce income, or to comprehend in value, so that it becomes easier to be sold at an increased price (or both).

Behavior of Investors

Investors commonly think of greater returns from risky investments. Financial assets vary from low return investments, low risk, like high quality government issued bonds to those with greater risk and higher anticipated commensurate reward, like rising markets stock investments.

Investors, especially who are new to it, are often given advise to put up an investment strategy and branch out portfolio. Branching out has the statistical result of decreasing overall risk. Investment is different from arbitrage, in which profit is produced without bearing risk or investing capital.

An investor might carry a risk of loss of few or each of their invested capitals, while in saving (like in a bank deposit) the danger of failure in nominal worth is normally isolated.

Speculation includes a risk that is far greater than many investors commonly would consider justified by the accumulated return. Its short term opportunistic nature is considered its alternative classification of speculation.

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