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Uber versus Lyft

Public transport has been there since the industry’s inception. However, it has been affected by several problems like lack of privacy. These have probably led to the rise of taxi services all over the world. It is further development of the taxi services in a technological direction that you can access a taxi via your phone using applications available in play store. This brings us to rideshare where we have two transport network companies i.e. Uber and Lyft that operate competing with each other for you. It is here that I come to highlight several differences between the two enterprises in a bid to compare them side by side. I’m sure you will appreciate this since it will shed light on which company to use for your ride.

Uber seems to be the bigger company as compared to Lyft. This can be seen from the area the two transportation companies cover. Another contrasting difference is their interaction with the clients. Uber seems like promoting professionalism where the drivers do not talk much with the customer. Lyft, on the other hand, promotes community and friendliness meaning that their drivers interact and talk freely to their customers.

When it comes to pricing, the two companies charge almost the same amount of cash. They both charge an average of $2 per mile that is broken down into several components. However, the prices may change from city to city and depend on the demand that is there for transportation. The difference occurs hear. Uber raises the price by 7-8 times the average while Lyft raises by a minimum of 200%. Another difference on price is that Uber informs you that price surging is in effect even before you board while Lyft does not.

When it comes to the two company apps, they both compete favorably. Both companies developed the apps at nearly the same time. The Uber app tends to provide the customer with a better picture of the total cost which is critical to some users. However, it doesn’t have a feature for the customer to tip the driver who happens with Lyft. Uber have an app for windows where Lyft doesn’t have. However, Lyft app has more features and is more user-friendly.

Customer support tends to be achieved depending on the method about professionalism and socialism as pointed out earlier. If you want to interact, then choose Lyft. You can sit with the driver at the front and discuss matters and themes as you travel. If you want a good time alone as you travel and professionalism then chose Uber. You won’t sit with the driver, but he will open the door for you at the back left, they are professionally dressed and make the whole ride appear like a prominent person on a business trip.

Our take is therefore on what you want as an individual according to your needs and preferences. Sometimes you may decide to choose Uber and others you choose Lyft depending on your day.

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