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top things startup investors look for before they Invest

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A number of entrepreneurs experience anxiety when they are raising outside capital for the first time. This is not something meek individuals can accomplish because the experienced investors tend to be skeptical, smart and diligent in reviewing opportunities. There are a variety of startups they can invest in, but the fact is that these investors prefer to check several boxes before they put in time or money in any venture in Singapore. What are these boxes? What things to startup investors look for? Here are some top things startup investors look for before they Invest in Singapore:

Top Things Startup Investors Look for Before they Invest

Dynamic market opportunity

Every investor starts with this aspect; how big is the target market that the company is aiming to serve in Singapore? The term ‘big’ is used not just in terms of the current market, but the future as well. When you are speaking to investors, you will have to spend considerable time in explaining to them how your solution is different from the others in the market. If the market is an emerging and new one, you would have to explain how big the market could be and what will drive its growth. Investors in Singapore are aware that rising tides can give a lift to all the boats, but they would prefer to invest in promising and new sectors.

The execution capability of the team

Any potential investor in Singapore will also consider the capability of your team for building and executing a plan and becoming a market leader. How the team is well-positioned and what expertise do they have for becoming an authoritative figure in the market? Do they have any complementary skills related to product development, sales and marketing and operations? Does the team have a strong chemistry? These are just several of the things investors will look for so you need to highlight as many strengths as you can.

The relevance of the investor

The importance of investor fit cannot be overstated. There are several factors that need to be considered when you are evaluating an investor, which include the industry you are in, the stage of your company as well as investor experience in your market. This is not very different from the pieces of a puzzle. If there are several connections between your startup and an investor’s strategy, it is more likely that they will become deeply engaged and will be a suitable fit. If you do your due diligence beforehand, it will give you great returns in the long run because you will not have to waste your time with an investor who is not a natural fit.

Show some commercial traction

Another way to bring in investors is by showing them that you have already taken action to build the business and are not just all talk. When you demonstrate that the market in Singapore is already engaging with your offerings and give useful feedback, it will set your startup apart from the rest that are also looking for investors. With real data for supporting your claims, you will have an edge and investors will be interested in your opportunity.

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