Tips On How to make money Online in Singapore

Singapore’s economy experienced a pretty unusual turbulence in 2019. As a result the government was forced to cut the GDP forecast from 3.3% in January to 1% in August. This was due to numerous factors such as decline in China’s imports and exports. This could negatively affect the manufacturing, service delivery as well as the construction sectors; which means a decline in the employment sector.
Such tough economic periods can make life in Singapore a bit unbearable. Nevertheless, there are so other means through which you can earn an extra income to attain your desired financial freedom. One of them is referred to as online gig economy. This is an economy where people sell their and services online from the comfort of their homes, with the flexibility of time.

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Ways to make money online

Online Coaching/training

Online coaching involves the passing of knowledge (through the internet) on a specific area to individuals willing to pay for it, in order to achieve their intended success. They are called online schools and are immensely available today.


This is simply seeking for jobs through the internet. There are many platforms available for anyone to sign up for. Once approved, you’re required to bid for projects that match with your skills.

Event hosting

People will pay you any amount if you have the value they need for their success. How about organizing seminars that are accessible both online and offline at a cost?Eventually you’ll realize your online audience outnumber the physical one, if you have a huge following on social media or your website pulls thousands of visitors. If you have products like books, you can make millions by marketing them during the events.

Online translator

If you are bilingual, then you qualify for translating content for people online.Sites like translators town, Upwork, and many more offer such opportunities. You just need to sign up or prove your skills and you’ll get connected to thousands of people looking for such skills. You can translate content such as videos, audio, articles or ads. The payment may range from but not limited to $10 – 2,000 depending with the amount of work and your agreement with the client.

Start a blog/vlog

A blog is a web page managed by a person or a group, which serves to inform the public in written form on specific topics through regular updates. A vlog on the other hand is the posting of video content created by an individual on their website or social media. What you need to do is choose a niche that you love e.g. celebrities’ lifestyles, then post as often as possible. The more you post on your site, the more traffic you draw and eventually you start earning commissions through advertising.

When it comes to vloging, YouTube is the best platform. For instance one way of earning through YouTube is by monetizing your account through joining the YouTube Partner Program where money comes in when people view your videos through advertisements.

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