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Singapore Financial Center

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Singapore Financial Center

It has only taken Singapore less than five decades to establish their current vibrant and well-established reputation on the international map. In this period, Singapore has become a major financial center and a point of reference for the Asian Pacific region. The Singapore Financial Center is a central oversight authority that runs various financial services that collectively contribute to the overall performance of the entire economy. These include the banking sector, which has seen major improvements over time, insurance, treasury and local/ international investment offering both local and global financiers incomparable contact to the global markets.

Its strategic position in the Asian-Pacific region, which is typically among the world’s fastest developing regions, enables her to serve and promote financial activities all over the region. This strategic location pooled with the incredibly established financial infrastructure, trade linkages and global trade connections have enabled the creation of a very strong Asian market which is still promising vast expansions. It’s continued rating as a triple-A-economy, and promising economic growth potential sounds well for investors and has pulled them from far and wide. Singapore has thus remained as a sound place to invest in.

The banking sector

With over 200 banks in the country operating on an assets estimate of US$2 trillion trade, building and infrastructure and corporate finance has been greatly enhanced. This has played a pivotal role in the promotion of activities conducted by unions in the region.

The capital market

The center operates on deep liquid funds that finance the growth and development projects in the region. The capital market can be split into debt, equity and foreign exchange sections. The debt market comprises of a wide range of securities from the government and corporate bonds. The equity market capital market has a huge proportion of foreign listings with almost 800 companies. Singapore also houses major global dealers in foreign exchange who offer a good field for changing and hedging G3 currencies.

Wealth management and insurance

Singapore’s economic and political stability combined with her strong, transparent legal framework has created an ideal environment for property managers to identify and optimize on asset gathering openings in the region.  She has thus emerged to be a premier wealth management nucleus with direct access to investment opportunities. Being the world’s leading insurance marketplace all over Asia, investors have little to worry while investing here.


The above factors have seen Singapore emerge as a vibrant host for economic growth, creating a favorable environment and enabling the economy to continue striving and developing further. Singapore is also bound to facilitate an increase in trade volumes and investment flows with China following the appointment of an RMB clearing bank.

Licensed Moneylender in Singapore – Singa Credit Pte Ltd

Established in 1992 and previously known as Yong Seng Credit,
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