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Reasons why you should invest in Singapore

7 major reasons why you should invest in Singapore

1. Minimal Property tax rates

Property owners in Singapore enjoy a cheap flat rate of 10%, meaning high return on their investment. For instance, 4-room flat owners only pay $52 compared to the previous $119.20.

2. Safety and security

When you are within the borders of Singapore, your safety is guaranteed. The government has installed CCTV surveillance almost everywhere; and they are monitored 24/7. Cases of terrorism, and risks such as scam, cab transportation etc. are pretty low compared to other Asian countries.

3. Governed Real Estate Capital Security

The government of Singapore never provides land on complete ownership. So owning land is strictly in terms of leasehold or freehold estates.

4. Geographic location

Singapore is geographically located not far from china and the two have robust trade links; making it investor-friendly. As we all know china is an economic superpower and so when economic growth happens there, it strongly impacts on Singapore’s.

5. Company formation process – quick and easy

Starting or registering a company/business in Singapore is pretty easy and takes a short time. You need to have the company’s bank account, name, fill the company’s registration forms and submit the documents to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

6. No Corruption

According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, Singapore has consistently been ranked among the top least corrupt nations in the world. Reason, the government has put in place a very incorruptible system with skilled and genuine workforce.

7. Diversified Economy

Singapore’s economy is quite diverse; the key factor investors consider before investing their hard earned money in any country. It has a wide range of economic opportunities such as huge and progressive tourism industry, innovative banking sector, real estate, just to name a few.

Final thought

With these and more, I’m sure you now agree to the fact that Singapore has something to offer to everyone in terms of investment opportunities and wealth creation. All you have to do is decide on which one, do your research and fact finding based on the prevailing conditions and you’re good to go.

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