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Personal Loan be your best solution for any emergency funds?

personal loan

How can a personal loan be your best solution for any emergency funds?

In the event of a global catastrophe such as the recent covid-19 pandemic, everyone must be ready for any nasty surprise or events that can arise.

Unfortunately, if you are somebody who is low on funds or is very reluctant to borrow money from your relatives or friends, then you will be in a pickle when you are in need of emergency funds.

Fortunately, there is always the option in getting a personal loan in Singapore to ride out the difficult times.

What a personal loan can do for you is to provide you with the financial flexibility that allows you to settle all your payments during your difficult times. Let’s explore and understand why a personal loan can be a good thing and not a taboo matter.

Here are several factors why taking up a personal loan for emergency funds can be the right choice.

No collateral or security

A personal loan is usually unsecured loan which does not require any collateral or security from the borrower for the loan to be approved. With that, your loan can be approved and disbursed in a shorter time.

Also you will not need to worry about risk losing your physical assets such as your home should you ever default on the loan. Saying that, you nonetheless must still be responsible in doing your repayment punctually on time to avoid penalties such as additional late fees and interests.

Additionally, when you default on your personal loan, this will decrease your credit score rating and that will give you bad credit history which will affect your assessment by the licensed moneylender in getting future loans.


There are types of loans that can only be used for certain purposes when you apply for them. For example, a housing loan can only be used to buy a new property.

With a personal loan, they can be used for almost anything under the sun that you need during an emergency, hence the provide you with the financial flexibility, such as paying off your urgent medical or credit card bills that are overdue.  

Time factor

When it comes to emergency, time is crucial and you do not have much it to spare, you need to get your cash in the shortest period of time to settle your expenses immediately.

This makes the decision to take a personal loan can be the ideal solution. With easy online application and fast loan approval at Singa Credit, you can easily get your monies immediately to settle all your emergency needs.

You can get your personal loan approved from an established and reliable licensed moneylender in Singapore like Singa Credit within 10 minutes of approval.

With the application being fast, easy and simple, you will take only take a couple of minutes to complete your application form and your way to your own personal loan being disbursed.  Furthermore, most licensed moneylenders in Singapore can typically approve the funds on the same day of your application, with Singa Credit being no exception. Most personal loans will get disbursed on the same day of application being approved.

Fixed Interest Rates on a Reducing Principal Basis

All interest rates for a personal loan by a licensed moneylender are fixed and cannot be adjusted after you have taken the loan. This is very different with credit cards whereby the interest rates can vary depending on your balance.

This is one of the reasons why a personal loan can be your better option in settling urgent expenses, especially when your salary is not due in yet.

Also, all interest is pegged to the outstanding principal, where your interest will go lower when principal is reduced. All repayments are in equal instalments and must factor in ta percentage of the principal in each of the repayments. One important advice is to pay more on each of your repayment, so that you eventually will pay less interest where the additional amount paid will go into principal which will then reduce the interest for the remaining repayments.

Lower Credit Assessment

Licensed money lenders are generally more flexible in their credit assessment of your credit history when you apply for personal loans with them. They will normally base on your annual income first rather than your credit score. So if your salary is higher, you are in a better position in getting a loan.

Even with a low credit score, you will still have a high chance for your loan application will be approved. Do note that if you have previously have a bad credit history, your chances of getting a loan becomes that much harder regardless of how high your salary.

A good advice is that if the licensed moneylender is not willing to issue the amount you request, you should seek out other licensed moneylenders to offset your remaining outstanding amount that you need as you will likely have a higher chance in getting an additional loan from other moneylenders if one moneylender has already approved you.

Where is a Good Place to Apply for an Emergency Personal Loan?

An emergency personal loan can be gotten at most banks and licensed moneylenders. However, if you need immediate cash without a long process that is often associated with banks, it is best to apply with a licensed moneylender as their loan approval is much faster and you can get your personal loan approved and signed and on the very same day you can get your cash disbursed to you immediately.

It will only take minutes for you to get your loan approved from a licensed moneylender.

At Singa Credit, we can get your personal loan approved in less than 8 minutes or less.

Do be advised that when you are taking a personal loan from lenders in Singapore, always do your due diligence to make sure that you are borrowing from licensed moneylenders and financial institutions.

You may check the list of moneylenders through

Take note, all licensed moneylenders can only issue the loan to you at their physical premises and not over the internet or phone.

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