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How to Achieve Your Loan in Singapore Goals in 2023?


Opening a bank account has become fairly easy in recent times, thanks to the upcoming technological advancements, due to which applicants can easily open a new bank account in no time, be it through offline mode or online. For those who may be wondering, “can I use personal bank account for business in Singapore?” It is important to know that using a personal bank account for business can have certain consequences as well. How to Achieve Your Loan in Singapore Goals in 2023?

Loan in Singapore


Using a personal bank account instead of a business account is not recommended by banks for several reasons. At some point of time, banks will have an understanding that a particular account holder is using their personal bank account for fulfilling their business needs. In such a scenario, they are sure to request the account holder to use their account purely for personal expenses. Banks also charge different fees for personal and business accounts, and since the fees for business accounts are comparatively higher than that of personal accounts, it is likely that business owners would be tempted to use a personal bank account for their daily business needs. It is recommended that those who plan on using a personal account for business needs should thoroughly check the terms and conditions of the bank and find out about the potential consequences they might face.

Another trouble that business owners can run into while using a personal bank account for their business is that their clients might feel frustrated about transferring the due amount into a personal bank account rather than a business account in the name of the respective company. If business owners seek to raise their funding in the future, possible investors would surely want to have a look at their financial history. In such a scenario, investors are bound to be concerned if your business is linked to a personal account rather than having a separate business account of its own, and this can raise further concerns in the mind of the investors.


Although it is recommended to have separate business and personal accounts, one should stay organized with their cash flow and keep track of their business-related transactions if at all they plan to use their personal bank account for business purposes.

For someone with multiple debts and higher interest rates, getting a personal loan can be helpful in consolidating their debts.

While considering taking a loan from any bank or financial lending institution in Singapore, it is recommended that the applicant must consider whether they would like to apply for a long-term loan or a short-term loan since applying for a long-term loan can give them access to a comparatively larger sum of money, and even reduce the borrower’s EMI. Long-term loans also help in increasing the borrower’s credit score.

Bugis Money Exchange

Bugis money exchange, also known as Bugis Money Changer, is a platform that helps people to exchange foreign currency for cash and vice versa, and even send money to a different country. One of the centers of Bugis money exchange can be found in the Bugis MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Station, which is located in the East-West and the Downtown line in Bugis, Singapore. Bugis Money Changer doesn’t have a website of its own, which means that clients will have to personally visit the center to avail of their services or find out about their rates.

Challenges & Solutions

If you are facing financial challenges and want to achieve your loan goals in Singapore by 2023, then here are a few tips that can help you:

1. Make a Plan: Start by making a plan that includes the loan amount you need, the time frame in which you will pay back the loan, and all other details.

2. Determine Your Creditworthiness: Before you start shopping for a loan, it is important to understand your credit record and take steps to improve it if necessary. This can give you access to better terms when applying for loans.

3. Shop Around: Once you have understood your credit rating, do some research on different lenders. Compare their different interest rates and repayment plans to find one that best meets your needs.

4. Check Loan Eligibility Criteria: Make sure that you understand the eligibility criteria of each lender before applying for a loan – most require steady employment, good credit history, and a minimum income.

5. Review the Loan Agreement: Before signing any loan documentation, carefully review the terms and conditions of the agreement to ensure that you understand all the details. Make sure that you ask questions if there are any aspects of the loan agreement that you don’t understand.

6. Seek Professional Advice: If you need help with understanding your rights as a borrower or in negotiating with lenders, then it may be beneficial to seek professional financial advice from a qualified accountant or lawyer.

7. Repay Your Loans on Time: To protect your credit score and maintain a good relationship with lenders, make sure to repay your loans on time every month and keep track of your payments by setting up automatic reminders.

By following these tips, you can be well on your way to achieving your loan goals in Singapore by 2023. With a little bit of planning and effort, you can get the financing you need to reach your financial goals. Best of luck!


Anyone can easily apply for any type of loan, given the fact that they have valid proof and other documents, along with a good credit score. Apart from this, one can easily open a bank account as and when they like to fulfill their requirements. Financial lending institutions like Bugis Credit and government banks help their customers to get a loan with an interest rate that suits their financial status and their requirements. As for the last reminder, make sure you have a note of your financial goals before you proceed to apply for a loan. This perspective would give you better ideas on loan management and finance as a whole.

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