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Huge Student Loan Debt?

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Would You Marry Someone With Huge Student Loan Debt?

Imagine you’ve met the right partner. You’ve fallen deeply in love with the person, visited stunning places together, helped each other during difficulties and met each other’s parents. After one year of being together, you can surely see yourself spending the rest of your life with this person.

Unfortunately, this love seems to be overwhelmed with other external abrasions. Your one and only soul mate is sinking in student loan debt. You really have to make a choice. Are you going to abandon your precious friendship, so you don’t participate in the repayment? Or, are you going to assume everything is alright and accept to bear the risk together? Any of the choices you make are inherently wrong or right, and they all come with real-life consequences.

Negative Impacts of Marrying a Person with Huge Student Loan Debt

If you think coming across someone with enormous student loan debt is rare, kindly think again. Most students are currently getting loans, while a bigger number of those looking for jobs are under the same debt. If you just happened to hook up with a graduate degree in law, medicine, or any other reputable profession, watch out. It isn’t bad dating anyone with debt. The problem is marrying them.
Never put yourself in problems you can easily avoid. Love is only blind in its initial stages. After you are married to such a person, you’ll find yourself struggling to open a Pandora’s Box of complicated issues.

Other Crucial Financial Goals Are Affected

While it is ideally possible to get a mortgage when you already have student loans, you may never have to meet your dreams or get the house you’ve always wanted for years. Most banks would look at your debt-to-income ratio before lending you their finances. Student debt will obviously hinder you from getting the mortgage you desired. And with enormous student loan mocking your progress, you will definitely have no choice but to make desperate financial decisions.
Think about your kids. They need to visit nicer places, taking delicious meals, and possibly start over in good schools. And if you’re starting a marriage with a huge debt, some of these good things might have to wait!

Why Debt Is Not A Big Deal?

The reasons provided above would make you think twice concerning marrying some with big debts. But if you contemplated the matter and still find it hard to avoid the person, I would encourage you to proceed with the marriage. After all, marriage entails commitment, dedication, and help to one another in times of difficulties – debt is one of them. Nothing is ever undefeatable in this world. I bet you’ll even enjoy staying together after you’ve all struggled to repay the loan.

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