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Financial Statements

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The Must Know Things about Financial Statements

Understanding how to work with numbers in a company’s financial statement is very important for stock investors. It is essential for a company to make meaningful interpretations and proper analysis of income statements, balance sheet, and cash flow statements to find out the company’s investment qualities and abilities in the basis for tactful investment choices.

Financial reporting is very diverse. It demands that we familiarize ourselves with certain general financial statement features before concentrating on individual corporate finances. This article brings out the deeper understanding of financial statements, and how you can use them to your own benefit.

Learn How to Keep Score in Business

Robert Follet sensitized people on how to keep score in business (in his book, published in 1987). According to him, scores are kept in dollars, and the scorecard is the financial statement. Robert understands that a lot more people don’t understand the logics of keeping score in business. They consistently get mixed up about assets, profits, return on investment, and cash flow. But the only factor complicating current financial information is jargon, which entails complex formulas and complex statistical analysis. Getting all the financial jargons at your fingertips is typically the first step towards achieving financial success.

Learn How to Use Financial Statement Prudently

For the sake of investment, we majorly use the following financial statements.

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Retained earnings
  • Shareholder’s equity

But take caution! Some people only focus on the income statement and balance sheet. Never underestimate the power behind the analysis of cash flow statement. It contains very essential data for your business growth.

Note the Diversity of Financial Reporting

Don’t force financial statements into a single mold. Manny books and financial statement analysis articles have all these concepts explained and compressed together. However, this is much confusing to the less experienced investor who encounters a presentation of accounts, that’s outside the mainstream, or the so-called ‘typical company’. Just understand that the diverse nature of business activities leads to a diverse financial statement presentation. And this is particularly applicable to balance sheet. The cash flow and income statements are not much affected by this phenomenon.

Besides, people experience problems understanding financial jargons. These numerous terminologies are even more confusing for beginners. Generally speaking, there is no hope that things are going to be better in the near future as more financial terminologies keep flowing in. And there are no stun measures to standardize and regulate the creation and use of financial jargons. Investors come up with new terminologies every day, thinking it will better the situation, only to realize that they’ve worsened the condition. But if you can get a good financial dictionary, it can help you grasp all the crucial terms.

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