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How To Apply Credit Bureau Report In Singapore

Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS), DP Information Group, Experian Singapore, and Singtel are the four major credit bureaus in Singapore. These credit bureaus gather and preserve information on clients who have obtained loans or credit products from Singapore banks, financial institutions, and other businesses. The Credit Bureau of Singapore (CBS) report is a standardized ‘report’ used by financial institutions to evaluate borrowers’ creditworthiness. This report includes all of your credit-related facts and demonstrates how you handle your credit and debit accounts and how to apply credit bureau report.

What is the Credit Bureau of Singapore [CBS]?

In accordance with the global trend of improving credit risk management in the financial industry, the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) and the industry developed a consumer credit bureau in Singapore (Bureau). The Bureau keeps track of basic consumer information and payment histories in a database. Authorized users (including ABS member banks) have access to the Bureau’s database in order to conduct creditworthiness checks on consumers. Consumers benefit from the database’s ability to make quicker and more informed credit choices.

The Bureau and its members are governed by a stringent Code of Conduct, which ensures that individual privacy is maintained and that information is only used to check creditworthiness. Security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance.

The ABS has made the requirement to provide information to the Bureau a normal industry practice for its member banks. DBS, as an ABS member bank, has also adopted this procedure.

DBS transmits your personal information, as well as all information relating to your credit card account and related credit behavior, to the Bureau or any other credit bureau of which you are a member or subscriber. Furthermore, if they are members of the same credit bureau, any other banks with which you have a current financial relationship or have requested a new relationship may examine the aforementioned information.

Need To Apply For A Credit Bureau Report In Singapore

A credit bureau report shows information about the different types of credit accounts the holder has, his/ her payment history, and some other information, such as credit limits. In short, a credit bureau report is a detailed summary of a person’s credit history, credit limits, and payment records of all credit accounts that he/ she has. In Singapore, only two credit bureaus can share the official Singaporean credit bureau report. They are Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS) and Experian Credit Bureau Singapore (ECBS).

A person’s full name, address, social security number, and date of birth are required to apply for a credit bureau report in Singapore. Banks licensed money lenders, and other financial institutions in Singapore give loans and lend funds depending on a good credit score. As credit bureau report provides all credit and repayment history, it makes the process of checking the creditworthiness of the borrower easier for the lender. The lender would check the credit file of the person, thus making it easy and fast for him to make the decision. A good repayment and credit history also allow the person to get approved and qualify for good loans and credit cards.

Some of the benefits of having a credit bureau report are getting quick loan approvals and leasing office space. It helps attract other business investors, get low-interest rates on loans and also get higher loan limits. Credit Bureau Report includes credit score, which is a three-digit number helping with the evaluation. A high and good credit score indicates positive information on a person’s credit bureau report, whereas a low credit score indicates negative information and bad condition on a person’s credit bureau report. If one has a bad credit report, then the lenders and banks would find it risky to lend them loans and funds.

How does a credit bureau report look?

A credit report is divided into three segments. The first segment provides data from banks and other organizations that report on clients’ previous financial positions.

The second component comprises information about an individual’s income and employment history from past employers. This section of the report covers everything from an employee’s salary and bonus to the type of car he drove to work each day.

The final area is for “soft” data, such as a person’s name and Social Security number, as well as any identifying information related to a mortgage, child support, or any court matters involving the person. Each credit report includes data from a variety of sources, including prior employers, banks, and government agencies.

How to apply for a credit bureau report?

The Credit Bureau of Singapore (CBS) webpage or office can give you access to your credit report. They gather data from all major financial firms. The simplest approach to obtain a credit report is to acquire it straight from Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS). It costs $8.00 with prevailing GST. and can be paid with Visa, MasterCard, or eNETS.

You can also obtain it for free if you request a new credit card or loan with any CBS partner (which most major providers are).

The supplier will send you an email informing you whether your application was approved or declined. In either case, the letter will include directions on how to receive a credit report for free from CBS within 30 days.

Once you get your credit report, you can review it to ensure that it is accurate and free of inaccuracies. If you discover any mistakes, contact the credit bureau to get them fixed.

A credit bureau report is a valuable tool that can help you make informed decisions about managing your finances and credit. By understanding how to obtain and interpret your credit report, you can take proactive steps to improve your financial health.


When you apply for a loan or credit product in Singapore, the lender will almost always conduct a credit bureau check Singapore as part of the application process. They will rely on the data in your credit report when deciding if they want to accept your application. Therefore, it is a good idea to check your credit record in advance if you intend to apply for a loan or other credit product in Singapore. This will allow you to determine whether there are any factors that might obstruct your approval.

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