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Counterfeit Money

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What is Counterfeit Money?

Counterfeit money is fake currency produced without the lawful sanction of the government or state. Using or production of counterfeit money is a type of forgery or fraud. Counterfeiting dates back to the origin of the money. Plated copies called fourrees have been discovered of Lydian coins which are considered to be the initial western coins. Before the paper money got in to the market, the most ordinary technique to counterfeit money was adding up of base metals with pure silver or gold.

 A type of counterfeiting is the making of documents through genuine printers in answer to fraud instructions. At the time of World War II the Nazis made American dollars and British pounds. Nowadays the top counterfeit banknotes are known as Super Dollars because of their quality and extreme resemblance to authentic US Dollar. There has been major counterfeiting of Euro coins and banknotes since the currency got launched in 2002, but significantly less than that for US dollar.

What are the Effects of Counterfeit Money on Society?

There are some bad effects of counterfeit money on the society, a decrease in the worth of original money, and rise in prices (inflation) caused by additional money being launched in the economy, an illegal fake raise in the money supply, a reduction in the adequacy of paper money and losses, when traders aren’t given back money to the fraud money spotted by banks, even when it is taken away.

How Anti Counterfeiting Helps?

Usually, anti counterfeiting tricks include fine detail with elevated intaglio printing on paper money which makes it easier for non experts to detect forgeries. On coins, reeded or milled (parallel grooves marking) edges are applied to make it clear that no valuable metal has been worn off.

This anti counterfeit measure points out the clipping or shaving of the coin’s rim, however it cannot detect coins shaking in a bag or sweating and gathering up the resulting dust. As this technique gets rid of smaller amount it is mainly used on the most precious coins like gold. In past paper money in colonial North America one inspired way of detecting counterfeiters was to print leaf’s impression in the bill. As the patterns found in a leaf were complex and unique they were quite impossible to be copied.

At the same moment in countries where paper money is a minor fraction of total money in flow, the macroeconomic effects of forging of currency might not be important. The microeconomic effects, like confidence in currency might be large.

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