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Business Proposal – Licensed Moneylender Singa Credit

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Whether you are applying for grants to grow your business or you are just trying to make head-way as a small business owner, business proposal writing is an essential tool in the hands of an entrepreneur or a business entity. Proposal writing skills will give credibility to your business as a formal, organized entity. Whatever format used, the goal is to win. However, before embarking on writing a winning proposal, there are a few things you should know;

Steps to writing a winning proposal

Know your Prospect

The question you should ask is who are we writing to? Perhaps, this is one of the most fundamental questions business owners must ask before writing a business proposal. If you’re writing to win, your tone of writing must ultimately reflect your experience, the level of your expertise and your understanding of the requirements as described by the organization you are writing to. If you do not have a background knowledge of the organization in context, the substance of your proposal and your credentials may not matter at all in the final analysis.

Who We Are

It is not out of place to boast, yes, flaunt what you’ve got. As an NGO for instance, a good approach to writing a winning a proposal could be the description of past projects executed and how you have used your platform to help others. Flexing your muscles is not a bad thing, but don’t exaggerate. Make it simple and don’t blow things out of proportion to create suspicion.

What We Offer

There’s no point boasting about what you’ve got without going ahead to give specific details about what you intend to offer to your prospects. Winning a proposal requires having a business mind-set and outlining what the other party should expect. This includes deliverables, turnaround time and other unique features that could make your business proposal stand out.

The presence of competition

You are simply not alone, as submitting a proposal is like a race. Your proposal isn’t going to be the only one on the desk, so you need to put your competitors in mind. This ensures that you provide unique contents that differentiates you from others, you just have to raise your bars and give your prospects something extra. The ultimate aim is to convince the buyer for instance that you are not just a novice in the field, but you are an expert. If you do not see yourself as a competitor, you are not sure of winning a business proposal.

Licensed Moneylender in Bugis – Singa Credit Pte Ltd

Established in 1992 and previously known as Yong Seng Credit,
Singa Credit Pte Ltd is Licensed Moneylender in Bugis regularly updated with the latest regulations to be in line with the requirements set out by Registry of Moneylenders.

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