Benefits of Self-Employment

The benefits of owning a business and becoming your own boss supersedes those of a regular job. This is notwithstanding the challenges that come with it and the fact that not every business idea works. But if you are persuaded, after giving it much thought that your business idea is going to set you free from the chains of employment to a potential lifestyle of financial freedom, then take the plunge.

Here are the major benefits of self-employment

Benefits of Self-Employment

1. You choose who to work with

When you’re under a pay role, you’ve no control over who to work with and who not to. This is both in terms of your employer and colleagues. Some are good and some are really bad but you’ve got to cope with them anyway. As an employer however, you have the power to hire and fire. You get to work with individuals who you feel are aligned to your vision as well as your personality.

2. You’re in charge of your life

Being self-employed means you’re in charge of your financial destiny and that of your loved ones. Most entrepreneurs make their own business decisions. Whether the decisions make or break their tomorrow, it totally up to them. When it comes to employment, your financial life is totally dependent on your employer’s business success.

3. Freedom from routine

There’s nothing as boring as routine; reporting to and leaving work the same fixed hours daily, doing the same work with the same people etc. This not only makes you lazy but you mind becomes unproductive as it’s always on autopilot. Being your own boss however means you decide when, where and how to execute your duties to get work done at the end of the day. No fixed schedules or routine work unless you decide so. You can start work as late or as early as you want.

4. You can follow and realize your passion

May careers or jobs people choose are motivated by money and this makes them very unhappy and depressed at the end of the day because they hate what they do for a living. What many entrepreneurs do and the problems they solve in their companies is not about money but passion. They enjoy offering solutions to the society and in return earn huge incomes.

5. You solve people’s problems

There’s nothing as fulfilling as solving someone’s problem. Many self-employed individuals enjoy this benefit. Besides creating solutions by providing goods and services they also get to create jobs for the unemployed. Self-fulfillment is such a great reward.

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