Payday Loan

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Leaving on the next flight out? Getting the last computer on offer? Or maybe an emergency medical expenses? Personal loans are great when you are in need of cash urgently. Personal loans can be either secured or unsecured. A secured loan is simply a loan that is provided that has a car or home pledged by the borrower as collateral.

(Home sale)Loan

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Bridging loans is when you need the financial fluidity when you a home owner intend to sell your property and the amount loaned is based on a percentage of your earnings from the sales of the property. This loan is suitable when you need to renovate or move into your new home before your current home is being sold.

Expatriate Loan

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Foreigner loans are for Expatriate who are in need of financial support. This is especially essential when you are new to the country or you are bringing your family to stay here and you need the cash to help settle in. It is important that you have a local address and employment before applying.

PrivateMoneylenders Financing

Tailored financial solutions to suit all your needs in Singapore

Ready to take control of your finances with a lowest interest rate personal loan that offers predictable payments? Whether you want to consolidate high interest rate debts, finance a holiday trip with your loved ones or get out of unforeseen circumstances that causes substantial shortage of funds and even emotional stress, we are certain to help. Even high wage earners face the same kind of uncertainty, thus Singa Credit’s Singapore personal loan was designed for anyone who is in need of money for different purposes, for any reasons other than the specific purposes defined by others. As your trusted moneylender in Singapore, Singa Credit is a licensed lender with a team fully equipped to walk you through all your lending options, we have your best interest at heart.

At Singa Credit Pte Ltd, we provide a variety of loans for everyone. To find out more about our interest rates and charges you can contact us at +65 6694 6166. If you simply like to check your eligiblility to apply for a loan, you can set an appointment for a free consultation with one of our friendly loan consultants at our office or simply call us at +65 6694 6166.

Forget About
Bank Loans

Tons of paperwork which delays approval of loans that takes days and weeks before disbursement.

Avoid queues and waiting times by receiving a personal loan in Singapore through our user-friendly online portal. We aim to minimise waiting time by providing a simple and hassle free solution to securing a financial package. We realise that sometimes life can throw you a curveball which puts you in a position where you are short on finances. A personal loan can offer temporary financial security until you are able to reassess your assets. Don’t simply resort to tightening the belt buckle to make ends meet, you don’t have to suffer to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to. Our team is here to help.

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Let Singa Credit loan officer help and guide you along

Want to find out more? located at Bugis Cube, Singapore, Singa Credit is a licensed lender with a team fully equipped to walk you through all your lending options, on site or over the phone – why not call now? Singa Credit, will provide you with a loan that is designed to meet your personal needs. We understand that everybody is unique and has unique needs. This is why we encourage you to speak with us to explain your situation, allow us to recommend a loan that is useful and aligns with your lifestyle. Call us on 66946166 and we will gladly answer any questions or offer additional information as required.

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